Individual Treatments

We offer a range of treatments dependent on what you need.

It’s not all about being bent over until your back creaks or being thrown on the massage table and having your body pounded with karate chops.

Our treatments range from the light touch of acupressure, through treatments where motion is added and the pressure is increased, to deep tissue sports massage.

Havening Techniques®

Havening is a new technique that helps people with anxieties, stress, PTSD, phobias, physical and emotional trauma.

It is used to remove the negative / emotional components that are attached to a traumatic memory.

As part of its protocol The Havening Techniques® uses the sensory input of human touch as a thereaputic tool which is know as the Havening Touch®

This touch helps to de-link the emotional response in the brain from the traumatic memory which in turn produces delta waves which our brain produces during deep non-REM sleep and the feel good hormones, Seratonin and Oxytocin.

Havening produces those same delta waves and hormones while the person is awake through stroking motions applied on the face, arms and palms.

It is the breakthrough in the field of trauma therapy. Havening practitioners around the world are specialists in different fields and use the method to improve therapy results with clients.

Acupunture & Acupressure

Used to treat both physical problems (such as a bad back or frozen shoulder), ailments such as migraines and diabetes, as well as emotional issues (such as stress, anxiety)

The results can be quite remarkable. We had a recent patient who could not raise their hand/arm above their shoulder, but was able to lift it above their head after only a couple of treatments (in the space of only a few days).


Auriculotherapy is focused on the external ear and is similar to full body acupuncture in its effects and applications and can be done with or without needles with the use of a gentle electronic device stimulation .

This is useful for chronic problems and many physical and emotional issues. It also works well with all aspects of pain management, acute and chronic illness as well as addictions.

Korean Hand Therapy

Korean Hand Therapy is used to reduce / alleviate pain and support recovery from illness in those cases where pressure cannot be applied to the body.

As a microsystem therapy it works by stimulating any of the 14 micro-meridians and 345 acupuncture points on our hands, using either finger pressure or needles.

Tui Na Massage & Sports Massage

Are you in training or wanting to take up some kind of sporting exercise?

If you are then it is important to ensure you keep fit and well.

Sports and Remedial Massage using Tui Na deep tissue massage techniques can help you to look after your body and prevent injury.

Strapping / Taping

If injury occurs, strapping an area allows you to function pain-free and gets you back to full fitness more efficiently.

Taping is the direct application of elastic and non-elastic tape to support a joint or muscle group, to limit its range of motion, thereby reducing pain, inflammation and promoting healing.

EMMETT technique

This is a musculo-skeletal relief technique used both for assessment and treatment. Particularly effective at treating pain in the back, neck, shoulders, hips and foot, as well as restrictions in the neck, shoulder, knee or ankle bringing about posture changes for good health and movement.

Its diagnostic quality comes from the objective measurement of restrictions to movement.

Treatment plans using this technique benefit from being entirely measurable so you can see the improvement that you make.

Treatments use light finger pressure on specific points on your body. The body responds to the technique by changing muscle tension and action, which eases pain and discomfort and increases movement.

The Emmett technique is particularly effective at changing and reducing forward head posture which can affect alignment of the spine, shoulders and pelvis, knee and feet.

It can also be applied to relieve lymphatic and sinus congestion, migraines, headaches, breathing restrictions, abdominal cramps, bowel discomfort, fluid retention or discomfort during pregnancy.

Relief is often instantaneous.


Reflexology is a form of therapeutic massage that is applied to the feet and/or hands.

Through application of pressure on these reflexes, reflexology relieves tension, improves circulation and promotes the natural function of the related areas of the body.

Reflexology massage can promote overall wellness; enhances mood, aids sleep, helps relieve tension and stress as well as leaving you feeling light, energized and with a sense of well-being.

Take the next step...

We offer a free 30 minute consultation, during which we complete an initial diagnostic; taking into account any specific concerns you may have, whilst looking at your mental and physical well-being as a whole.

We then use the diagnotic to identify which combination of treatments will work best for you and a discuss a potential plan of action.

As an option we will then complete a physical examination including Posture Pro™ and AcuGraph diagnostics, before agreeing the next steps.

Indeed if time permits, many of our clients choose to begin their treatment there and then.

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